Product Designer

Product Designer

🖤 Our Belief

Airblack is on a mission to help people convert their passion to a livelihood. We are a learning platform where people learn how to become successful as creators or microentrepreneurs.

With the evolution of business tools and social media, creation has been democratized on the internet. We are already seeing the rise of creators who are larger than established brands & businesses.

Today, it is possible to start a salon, a nutrition clinic, a content studio, or a restaurant right from your home - all you need is passion, skills, and the right knowledge.

We believe that the next decade will be about internet-first creators and entrepreneurs. Airblack aims to empower millions of such people with high-quality courses and help them convert their passion into a sustainable profession.


"We envision a world where doing more of what you love is not a privilege."

✏️ Experience Designers @ Airblack

Imagine the role of scriptwriters of thriller movies. They have an important responsibility of controlling what the viewer 'feels' at every phase of the story. From the choice of words to their relative order to deciding what to tell and what to hide so that the viewer stays hooked in the anticipation of the next scene, everything can have many flows - but the scriptwriter knows exactly the intended feeling that the viewer must feel at every second of the film. They are the master orchestrators of their craft.

At Airblack, Experience Designers are like 'scriptwriters', placing the right hooks and shipping delight for our members.

Design is at the heart of every product and brand decision at Airblack. Our members go through varying levels of emotions as they unwrap the joy of learning a new skill; Experience Designers understand the nerve of the member and help us craft memorable learning experiences.

Design team reports directly to Founder.

⚛️ Our Product Vision

Airblack is building courses that ACTUALLY work - targeted at prospective entrepreneurs and creators. Our in-house technology shapes the best of live and asynchronous methods of teaching to deliver delightful learning experiences for our students, in cohorts.

  • We believe learning by doing is the best way to learn anything: All our courses are designed like workshops that are delivered through a mix of live interactive sessions and take-home assignments on chat. Learners learn by executing and getting feedback real-time on their progress.
  • We believe learning is best delivered by experts who have been there, done that: Hence, all our experts are handpicked through a rigorous selection process. From seasoned artists to child prodigies, we have them all!
  • We believe learning should be fun: Traditionally, courses have been boring but they don't have to be. At Airblack, courses are like concerts that our students look forward to attending every week - full of energy, with like-minded people, and lastly, LIVE!

  • We believe learning is better when you have peers to share experiences with: We have reimagined how you learn with peers. From live chats to networking sessions to breakout creative open houses, learners at Airblack learn in cohorts and make lifelong friends!

Check a preview of our app in action here


💡Your role

  • As one of the early designers at Airblack, establish category-defining design philosophies in-house
  • Deliver wireframes and prototypes to help people visualize your design ideas
  • First-principle thinking with a strong understanding of consumer behavior
  • Work closely with engineers, content strategists, and product managers to ship high-quality features
  • Ideate on user experience, product flows & obsess about the "what" and "why" as much as the "how"
  • Specialized skill set depending on track

🎓 Requirements

  • 2+ of experience working in high-quality design teams.
  • Thinking through the edges; you are a structured thinker and writer who hates to miss out on edge cases
  • Exposure to various digital product flows, information architectures and design frameworks is a plus
  • Empathy & Taste; non-quantifiable but important non-negotiable skills
  • Bold and creative thinking with history of shipping delightful experiences
  • Balanced ability of relying on data vs. relying on gut
  • Good to have but not required
  • Formal design education

🌐 Perks & Location

  • We pay the best for the best + all members of the team get upfront ESOPs
  • Access to top notch design gear and learning resources
  • Stakeholders who heavily rely on partnering with design for short-term and long-term decisions
  • Medical Insurance
  • Subscriptions to support your physical as well as mental health
  • Connect with the best mentors from the industry

The above are just a few examples of the benefits that we offer. Join us to find out more☀️

🤝 How to Apply

Send in your CV / LinkedIn profile with some reference to your portfolio (PDF / Dribble / Behance / Notion etc links) to